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Teacher Responsibilities - Preparation

Guidelines and Procedures

  1. A teacher will not be allowed to send students after an academic year of unpaid registration fees, extenuating circumstances must communicated to the RCSMA President within the first 30 days of the new school year.

  2. Follow all deadlines requested by managers.

  3. Evaluate the abilities of festival applicants carefully before submitting names to managers.

  4. Make sure that students and parents understand the county policy on festival attendance. IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE, STUDENTS MUST ATTEND ALL REHEARSALS AND THE PERFORMANCE.

  5. Communicate in writing with parents.

    • providing the information on the festival (what, where, rehearsal times, meal info, transportation, concert time, dress, etc.)

    • Suggestion- a signed permission slip to attend the festival signed by the parent and student.

  6. All students MUST ​have a signed Commitment Form to participate.

  7. Provide participants with a suitable folder for their music. Impress upon them the need to keep music in good condition.

  8. Go over all music with your students. YOUR STUDENTS’ PREPAREDNESS HAS A PROFOUND EFFECT ON THE OVERALL SUCCESS OF THE GROUP. DO NOT SEND A STUDENT WHO IS UNPREPARED. ​If possible, hold several group rehearsals to give the students a feel for the ensemble.

  9. Be sure students bring a pencil to all rehearsals. Instrumentalists should be prepared with reeds, valve oil, etc.

  10. Review the “rules for participating students” with all students.

  11. If one of your students in unable to attend, contact the manager immediately so that a replacement can be found and prepared.

  12. Forward meal count and/or money to the general chair.

Teacher Responsibilities – At Festival

  1. Register your students and pay registration fees on the first day of the festival. (Thursday)

  2. On Saturday, you will be assigned a “homeroom” where you will leave coats, cases and dress clothes.

    • Make sure that your students are familiar with the location of their homeroom and rehearsal areas.

    • Please leave the room in a neat and tidy condition.

  3. Make sure that you or your designate is on hand all day in case of an emergency.

  4. Be available to help managers and/or chairperson.

  5. Be available for student supervision throughout the day, including concert time.

  6. Be visible to your students during rehearsals and breaks. Accompany younger students to meals.

  7. Collect All-County music and return to managers on Saturday morning or mail if not collected.


Rules and Regulations

  1. Students have been chosen to represent their school at the festival. This honor carries with it the responsibilities of appropriate behavior.

  2. It should not be necessary to go through a long list of DO’s​ and DON’Ts.​ In general, appropriate behavior is the same that would acceptable during any school day.

  3. There will be no smoking anywhere once you have arrived at the festival location.

  4. Students will not be allowed to leave the school building at any time.

  5. No gum chewing or hats in any rehearsals or the concert!!!

  6. There is to be no food or beverages outside the cafeteria. The cafeteria or designated area is the only place for eating food and/or drinking beverages.

  7. No student will be allowed into the auditorium during the concert. You will be given an opportunity to hear and see other performing groups during their dress rehearsals.

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