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Our All-County Festivals consist of a Thursday evening rehearsal, a Saturday morning rehearsal, and a concert on Saturday Afternoon.  The Thursday rehearsal includes a break for dinner, and the Saturday schedule includes a break for lunch.  Schedules vary for each performing group.  For detailed schedules of our upcoming festivals, see the corresponding links below:

Concert Drss


Concert tickets cost $5 per audience member.  Tickets may be purchased Thursday evening during the dinner hour, as well as Saturday beginning at 1:00PM.  It is recommended to purchase tickets on Thursday to avoid long lines on Saturday!


Unless otherwise indicated by an ensemble's conductor or manager, students will perform wearing all black tops and bottoms.  Students should wear appropriate clothing that complies with their school's own dress code policies. Students must now wear their performance attire when they arrive on Saturday.  There will be no changing time given.




T shirts are available for purchase both days of All-County Festivals.  They can be found at ticket sales during dinner on Thursday, and at the concert on Saturday.   All sizes are $15



A nurse or medical professional will be present for our All-County Festivals.  If there is a specific health concern that could impact a student during the festival, please let your music teacher know ahead of time.

Stethoscope Over Cardiogram


Students have been chosen to represent their school at the festival.  This honor carries with it the responsibilities of coming prepared to rehearsals and exhibiting appropriate behavior.  Each student needs to turn in a signed Commitment Form in order to participate in an RCSMA Festival.  Our newly updated form also contains a photo release and health form.


Q: Can my child miss a rehearsal and still participate in the concert?

A: No.  Students must make the commitment for the rehearsal and the concert.  Students should contact their music teacher for emergencies on a case by case basis.

Q: Will there be food for my child to purchase at the rehearsals?

A: Yes.  Meal schedules and menus are available on the EVENTS page.  Eating is restricted to meal times.  No food or drink should be brought into rehearsals or the concert.

Q: Where can I pick up my student after the concert?

A: Each school district will have an assigned homeroom to store instrument cases, coats, and other belongings.  Be sure to sign your student out with their music teacher before leaving.

Q: Will there be time for my child to change into their concert clothing?

A: No.  Students need to come wearing their concert clothes all day Saturday.  This is in compliance with NYSSMA regulations.

Q: What time does the concert start? When will my child be performing?

A: That information can be found on the festival schedule.

Emergency Cancellation Policy

...because we live in upstate New York...

In the unforeseen event of a cancellation to either day of the festival, information will be posted on this website as well as on local news stations.  A "Snow Date" is always scheduled for the Sunday following the January Festival, in the event of a weather-related cancellation.

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