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General Chairperson

The general chairperson has the ultimate responsibility for the entire festival, from conception through performance.


  1. Confer with managers periodically to determine space and equipment requirements.

  2. Five (5) weeks before festival: send a packet of information to all participating teachers. This should include the following:

    • a map of the school with directions.

    • rules for students

    • schedules and locations for each performing group including rehearsals, breaks, meals, warm-up and performance time.

    • Registration information

    • Ticket prices and time of concert

    • Meal information: menu, cost, registration deadlines

    • Information for teachers

    • Emergency plan for your school

    • A sample host packet can be found and edited here

Host School

  1. Assign rehearsal and concert areas for each group.

  2. Provide necessary equipment: chairs, music stands, percussion equipment, risers and sound equipment.

  3. Provide tuned pianos for rehearsals and performance.

  4. Assign faculty room for teachers. (Refreshments would be appreciated)

  5. Assign homerooms for participating schools. (Saturday)

  6. Assign student guides to show arriving participants to their homerooms and rehearsal areas.

  7. Arrange for Thursday evening dinner and Saturday lunch.

  8. See that managers follow time schedules for rehearsals and meals.

  9. Assign ticket sellers for Thursday dinner hour and at the door on Saturday. 

  10. Provide traffic control in the parking area if necessary.

  11. Arrange for someone from the host school district to greet the audience at the opening of the concert. (Superintendent, Principal, Board Representative)

  12. Provide security for the concert, if necessary.

  13. Assign ushers to hand out programs.

  14. Arrange for a nurse or EMT to be on duty during the festival.

  15. Provide a working public address system and adequate concert lighting.

  16. Set up a registration table on Saturday morning.


Managers - Preparation

Rules and Regulations

  1. Follow the manager deadlines as outlined below.

  2. Coordinate details with festival chairperson.

  3. Arrange for a conductor and accompanist where needed.

  4. Work with conductor to select appropriate music.

    • Trying to use County library if possible.

    • Consult the program archive on the RCSMA website to ensure that the selected pieces have not recently been performed

    • Be certain that selections are within the capabilities of the group and advise the conductor to make changes if necessary.

  5. The manager is the only communication link with the teachers sending students to the festival. COMMUNICATE!

Manager Deadlines


16 weeks ​before festival:

  • choose a conductor

14 weeks ​before festival:

  • obtain program selections from conductor

  • send program selections to vice president.

  • arrange for an accompanist if necessary

  • obtain conductor biography, limit to 250 words

13 weeks​ before festival, procure music

  • contact vice president to confirm program (He/She is checking for dupication between groups)

  • check RCSMA library before ordering; if not in library, order and charge to RCSMA

  • be sure you have enough music for all participating students; copying music is illegal and you must obtain permission to photocopy any music.

9 weeks​ before festival:

  • all festival music should be in your hands; if not, substitute another piece and cancel the outstanding order.

  • stamp all new county music with the RCSMA stamp. (available from each school)

8 weeks​ before festival:

6 weeks ​before festival:

  • list of applicants should be in your hands by now, allowing you to choose participants from each school. If not, call and find out why not. Do not wait for people! Make them meet your deadline.

5 weeks before festival:

  • mail or deliver music to each individual music teacher who sent a list of names. Keep a record of who has what copies. (Number the music that is handed out.)

4 weeks ​before festival:

  • send completed program forms to vice president, including all names in alphabetical order.

3 weeks ​before festival:

  • contact general chairperson with a list of concert and rehearsal needs: chairs, stands, risers, percussion equipment, pianos, and sound equipment.

Manager’s Duties: At Festival

  1. If possible, be there early to set up. Have a written seating plan ready to seat students for rehearsal.

  2. Take careful attendance on Thursday. Teachers of missing students should be contacted and reminded that students may not participate in the festival.

  3. Before rehearsal, introduce yourself as manager and introduce your conductor and/or accompanist to the students.

  4. Be present during all rehearsals to assist the conductor whenever needed. If necessary, remind the conductor of break times, meals, etc.

  5. Alert students to the necessity of collecting all music immediately after the performance.

  6. Introduce the conductor to the audience at the concert.

  7. Collect all music after the performance. (At stage door with a box)

  8. Sort music and see that it gets to the RCSMA library or to its rightful owner.

  9. Get payment for conductor.

mangers at festival
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