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Responsibilities of RCSMA President

  1. At the annual June Meeting:

    • Choose festival dates and sites.

    • Seek out and assign a general chairperson, and managers for each festival.

  2. By the end of September, all managers will be chosen.

  3. Confer periodically with the general chairperson and managers to see that time schedules and      procedures are being followed.

  4. Enforce County policy with regard to student attendance and participation.

  5. Make a short speech at each festival concert.

  6. Maintain an adequate supply of festival handbooks and membership directories.

  7. Arrange for festival to be professionally recorded.

  8. This is a 2 year term.

Responsibilities of RCSMA Vice-President

  1. To act in President’s absence.

  2. A member of the executive committee.

  3. A 2 year term.

  4. In charge of coordinating printed program for each All-County.

    •     Contact managers with deadlines for return of program forms.

    •     Compile all information into program format.

    •     Deliver programs to printer. Charge to RCSMA.

    •     Facilitate proof-reading at Thursday’s rehearsal.

    •     Arrange for delivery of programs to the festival on Saturday.

Responsibilities of RCSMA Secretary

  1. Attend all meetings and take minutes.

  2. Update directory.

  3. Keep a copy of the handbook, directory and minutes.

  4. A member of the executive committee.

  5. A 2 year term.

Responsibilities of RCSMA Treasurer

  1. Give Treasurer’s reports at each meeting.

  2. Keep accurate records of accounts.

  3. Pay all bills.

  4. Send invoices to schools.

  5. A member of the executive committee.

  6. A 2 year term.

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